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Friday, September 11, 2009

MG (Massive Greed)

The despicable greed of the former bosses of MG Rover is exposed today. As the company's finances went down the toilet, five executives pocketed £42m in pay and pensions.

The collapse of MG saw about 6,500 people lose their jobs: real people with bills to pay and families to support. Now, is it just me, or would it not be a suitable punishment for these grotesquely-obese-cats (fat-cats is an inadequate expression) to narrow down that 6,500 to the nastiest dozen or so, equip them with an assortment of medieval torture apparatus and lock them in a room with the guilty executives? You never know, the workers may choose to be forgiving. I rather doubt it though.

The independent probe that's exposed this naked greed has taken more than four years to complete and has cost the taxpayer about £16m. So we've been screwed as well. This rankles a little with me, I have to admit, given that I can barely change a wheel, never mind build an frikkin' MG.

Avarice is all the rage. Just ask Fred the Shred, or any MP. It's easy to shake your head and think it sucks but dismiss it as something that doesn't really affect you. But the increasingly rapacious culture we live in affects all of us. If you don't believe me, consider pensions. As Kevin Maguire explains, rich bastards are getting financial help they don't need to become even richer bastards in retirement.

At one end of society we have kids being dragged up on hideous estates in poverty akin to the times of Charles Dickens. And at the other we have people who think they deserve to be multi-millionaires despite being abject failures, and who don't care if they have to take money away from people who are living in relative penury to boost their own bloated bank accounts.

Back in the (good old) olden days, revolution would have been in the air. But because people aren't actually starving here in Blighty, there's sadly no risk of a popular uprising. Instead of fighting back, the plebs will silently obey their exploitative masters before returning to their shabby homes and fixing their dismal, apathetic gazes on their tellies. As the tepid crap that passes for modern entertainment washes over them, they'll dull their senses further with cheap supermarket booze, all the while waiting for the bliss of death to end the monotony of it all. What a ****ing shower.

Sooner or later though, something surely has to give. The Tories are going to win power next year (unless a miracle takes place) and if you think noses are in the trough now, you ain't seen nothing yet.

I have a good life and a relatively well-paid job but I boil with rage when I hear of the amoral banditry being perpetrated across the top tiers of business and government. It's a disgrace. But what's more shameful is our lack of action to put a stop to it.

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