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Friday, December 17, 2010

It's high time we decriminalised drugs...

So Bob Ainsworth says drugs should be decriminalised. “Who he?” I hear you cry.

Believe me, it really doesn’t matter, but for the record he’s an ex-UK minister who was too gutless to put his head above the parapet when he had some power. Now, in a transparent bid to retain some sort of public profile, he’s challenging the orthodoxy. Well done mate. Have a comedy moustache as a reward. Oh, sorry, you’ve already got one.

It’s frankly nauseating how many politicians find their voices on issues that matter only after they’ve enjoyed the trappings of power. The drugs debate is a classic example of the duplicity of these people. They know the current approach to tackling drugs doesn’t work. They know this. But they also know that the fearful, ignorant morons who read the Daily Mail won’t tolerate any move away from prohibition. So they spin the lie when they’re in office and speak the truth when they leave the stage.

I don’t know what the long-term impact of legalising drugs would actually be. I’m no expert in the field of narcotics abuse. But what I do know is keeping drugs illegal isn’t helping anybody except criminals who – like Capone – know a good opportunity to make a fortune when they see it.

Bob Ainsworth may have spoken out too late but what he’s saying is right. If anyone honestly believes the war on drugs can be won without a radical change of strategy, they really are tripping.