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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why the long face?

So are we all happy now? As predicted, horses have died as a result of taking part in the 2012 Grand National at Aintree. Two to be precise: According To Pete and Synchronized.

The BBC did its level best not to mention this unfolding horror until its coverage was nearly over. Presenter Clare Balding facilitated the peddling of the usual line that it is the ‘kindest thing to do’ to destroy injured horses.

Really? Surely it would be kinder not to force these impressive and intelligent creatures to take part in this brutal obstacle course in the first place.

What kind of a sport continues as some of its participants lie dying on the ground – or are put down behind grim black screens?

That the Grand National is so popular is troubling enough. But more worrying is the propaganda surrounding the event -- and BBC has to take its share of responsibility for this.

The Beeb’s coverage of this carnage is always almost universally positive. In a country where fox hunting has been outlawed, how on Earth can we justify killing horses in the name of sport?

Maybe I’ve got this the wrong way around. Maybe we should reintroduce fox hunting and get William Hill involved. We could all have a flutter and Clare Balding could commentate.

But would she conclude that ripping foxes to bits is the kindest thing to do?

I doubt it.


  1. Not at all over the top is the use of the word 'carnage' in this article. How many animals get slaughtered for meat consumption every day in the UK? Take a guess. Please keep a sense of perspective.

    I'll have a burger with that piece of blogging because 'it is the kindest thing to do'.