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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jonathan Ross repeats obscene Cameron slur

Jonathan Ross has risked the wrath of Tory MPs by once again making lewd comments about David Cameron and Margaret Thatcher.

As the PM completes his cabinet re-shuffle, obscene comments by ‘Wossy’ have emerged in which he accuses Cameron of engaging in a shuffle of the ‘five-knuckled’ variety.

Speaking during a recent interview, the motor-mouth talk show host said he believed the current occupier of Number 10 pleasured himself when thinking about Mrs T.

Despite being kicked out of office by her own party in 1990 after 11 years of divisive rule, Thatcher is one of the most revered figures among rank-and-file Tories.

Many Conservatives feel particularly protective of the party’s famous matriarch because her later years have been wracked by dementia.

But Ross clearly felt no compulsion to show respect for her, or Cameron, instead opting to play for cheap laughs in front of an audience accustomed to explicit content.

His outburst came during his appearance on Episode 2 of Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre podcast series.

Herring – who has form for revelling in course humour – quizzed Ross about the time Cameron appeared on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross on BBC 1 six years ago, when the PM was then still Leader of the Opposition.

Ross was unfazed: “Yeah I asked him if he’d ever had a wank thinking about Margaret Thatcher and I think that’s a legitimate question for a Conservative who was a young boy in that period.

He continued, ratcheting up the shock value of his answer: “I’m sure a lot of people in the cabinet had a weird sexual frisson towards Thatcher as well. You know they like a stern matronly figure.”

And then – as he has done on previous occasions – he crossed the line, defending his line of questioning and joking that he thought Cameron was guilty of his vulgar suggestion – then and now:

“I still think that was a legitimate (question) and (Jeremy) Paxman could learn from me…I got the feeling he (Cameron) did -- and I get the feeling he still does!”

When he first made his crude remarks to Cameron back in 2006, Ross was lambasted by senior Tories.

The former Conservative chairman Lord Tebbit said Cameron had been "thoroughly embarrassed”.

He accused Ross of launching an “obscene attack” on Mrs Thatcher, who famously went from being a grocer’s daughter to the longest-serving Prime Minister of the 20th Century.

Lord Tebbit called for the BBC to take action but the Corporation sat on its hands.

Ross, who now presents a major talk show on ITV1, went on to become embroiled in ‘Sachsgate’ from which his BBC career never recovered.

One listener to the Richard Herring podcast said: “You really would have thought Ross would have learnt his lesson by now but he just can’t help himself.

“I can’t imagine many Tories will find this funny at all.”