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Friday, January 24, 2014

Collymore in fresh Twitter storm

The football pundit Stan Collymore is embroiled in a fresh Twitter storm over a cryptic tweet widely interpreted as a misogynistic swipe at his former girlfriend Ulrika Johnson.

Collymore has been lauded for launching a crusade against internet trolls who’ve been using the micro-blogging site to target him, and other celebrities, with hate-filled abuse.

But the former Liverpool and England striker is likely to face accusations of hypocrisy for apparently indulging in the sort of unpleasantness he wants Twitter to crack down on.

In a tweet posted at 6:03 PM - 23 Jan 2014 he wrote:

“My 4x4 is filthy. Proper obsolete old banger now. Beyond repair. Always good to get a new model though. Leather is worn and old.”

Other Twitter users were quick to give their translations of the message. They pointed out that ‘4x4’ has been used in the past as an insulting reference to Ulrika Johnson having had four children to four different men. One user branded Collymore “vile”.

Collymore later tweeted a picture of his milometer in a bid to diffuse the growing row but few were convinced.

One Twitter user said: “This appears to be breath-taking hypocrisy. Collymore wants to get rid of cyber-bullying but what does he think this looks like? Just because a tweet is composed in a cleverly ambiguous way doesn’t mean that it’s okay if its message is nasty.

“Many people are interpreting this tweet as really being about Ulrika; Collymore must know this. Calling a woman ‘filthy, an old banger, beyond repair, worn and old’ is horribly sexist abuse and could easily be viewed as misogynistic.

“If Collymore wants to be seen as the victim here, and this tweet was genuinely innocent, the timing of its posting couldn’t have been worse. He should delete it and apologise for any offence caused.”

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