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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Outrage at outage: Sky’s NOW TV service scores own goal on last day of the season

Sky is promising a mass refund of customers left seething when its NOW TV service crashed on the last day of the English Premier League football season.

Thousands of fans had paid the hefty £9.99 fee for a 'day pass' specifically to access Sky Sports channels and watch the drama unfold.

But not long after the key games had got under way, the NOW TV service fell over. Fans took to social media sites to express their outrage.

NOW TV - many are now calling the service 'NO TV'

Eamonn Daw (@z0mgosh) wrote on Twitter: “Miserable effort. Thank you for ruining the final day of the football season.”

Conor Flaherty (@ConorFlaherty) posted: “Never use #NowTV or you will just get ripped off.”

George Swindale (@gwswindale) expressed his frustration with this wry comment:  “Hopefully the next 45 minutes of error messages will be as exciting as the first #NOWTV.”

As the crucial matches at Anfield and the Etihad Stadium headed towards half-time, and NOW TV customers continued to miss the action, silence from the company about the problem exacerbated the situation.

Wry humour from one NOW TV user. Many on Twitter were far less sanguine.

Eventually, 53 minutes after kick-off, Tom-R, the Community Manager of the NOW TV forums, posted a message acknowledging that “some customers may be unable to watch NOW TV”.

Nine minutes later, a second message from Tom-R promised those affected a refund or a replacement day pass.

NOW TV eventually got around to telling its customers what they already knew: it was broken

But that’s unlikely to satisfy many of those who forked out a tenner to ensure they wouldn’t miss the crucial closing day of what has been a nip-and-tuck season for the top teams.

One fan said: “This was the first time I have bought a day pass from NOW TV. You can be sure it will be the last. I don’t just want a refund: I want compensation for the destruction of what should have been a special day of sport.

“Did NOW TV not realise there would be high demand on the final day of the season? According to the messages I’ve seen on Twitter, this isn’t even the first time this has happened. It’s disgraceful. Somebody’s head should be on the block for this.”

When the final whistle went, it was Manchester City who were crowned champions.  As they begin their celebrations, Sky bosses will be asking NOW TV managers why a day that should have been defined by record revenues turned into a costly own goal.

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